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Office hours:
10 AM - 5 PM (Monday - Friday)

Visa Hours:
Collection: 10 AM - 12 AM

2 PM - 4 PM (after 3 working days)
Where are we?

No. 1, San Li Tun Xi Liu Jie, Beijing 100600

From Dongzhimen Station (line 2): take east-bound buses 413, 418 or 24 and get off at Tayuancun. Walk back 20 Meters, the Embassy is at your left.

From Agriculture Exhibition Centre Nongye Zhanlanguan Station (line 10): walk along Dongzhimenwai Dajie westward, and turn right at Xindong Lu. It will take 15 minutes.

Bus: Buses 24 (from Beijing Station), 110, 120, 403, 418, 823 (from Beijing West Station) and 688 stop at Tayuancun. Walk back 20 Meters, the Embassy is at your left.

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